Five Ways to Not Suck at Being a Java Freelancer at Geecon – Kraków 2014

posted by Roberto Cortez on

As promised, here is the video about my session at Geecon – Kraków 2014 about Five Ways to Not Suck at Being a Java Freelancer.

I think you can tell that I’m very nervous during the first few minutes, but I was able to calm down a bit afterwards. I do hate to hear me speak, since the voice I hear does not sound like mine. In fact, no one sounds like they hear and where is why. Anyway, I should stop with so many “eeehhhmm” and “so”. I have to improve that.

Here are the slides as well:

And my latest article about freelance: FAQ for Freelancers

Comments ( 6 )

  1. ReplyMaria João Oliveira

    Great talk, kudos! 😉

  2. ReplyDarek Kay

    Very interesting! You presentation covers some important basics, but the questions afterwards show, what people interested in becoming a freelancer *really* want to know. Great talk 🙂

    • ReplyRoberto Cortez

      Hi Darek,

      Thank you for your feedback! I did not expect to have so many questions at the end, so I guess that people was really interested in the topic 🙂

  3. Replyfilipe_rui

    Good job Roberto – speaking in public is tough but you’ll most definitely improve your skills over time.

    Keep up!

    • ReplyRoberto Cortez

      Hi Filipe,

      Thank you for your support. I’ll try my best to improve 🙂


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