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TomitribeToday, I’m officially part of Tomitribe. I’m very excited to work with all the amazing tribers working hard to make TomEE a compelling Java EE server.

Some of my readers follow me because I work as a Freelancer and this move may confuse you. Let me assure you, that I’m not joining Tomitribe because I was unhappy with my Freelancer career. In fact, when I’ve started as a Freelancer a couple of year ago, I had no idea how things were going to turn out. Today, I can say that it was the right move. I had the chance to work on my own stuff, travel to conferences around the world, met a lot of different people and have fun in general.

In Tomitribe, I believe I will be able to do all the things that I love as a Freelancer and many more. Until now, I only developed or built applications that sit and run on a server. From now on, I have the chance to work on the server itself. Tomitribe is still a startup, a small one, but with incredible potential. After working for a few major corporations, I’m eager to help and grow something from the ground up. This was just an opportunity that I couldn’t refuse.

I have to say thank you to Decare Systems Ireland and Anthem for two wonderful years. They always understood my needs and gave me the freedom to explore my own things.

Moving forward, a big thanks to David and Amelia for believing in me and bringing me to Tomitribe. I hope I can full fill your expectations. Cheers!

Tomitribe Team

I’m sorry you are missing Andy, but I couldn’t find a better picture 🙁

Anyway, you can expect me to keep the blog running with awesome and independent content. Thank you for reading!

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  1. ReplyDaniel Pando

    Best of luck Roberto, for this new challenge! Hope everything goes wonderful for you and for the tribe!

  2. ReplyPedro Barata

    Congratulations Roberto. I’m sure you’ll kick ass!

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