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Thirteen Coimbra JUG Meeting – Keep your Database Schema Under Control

posted by Roberto Cortez on

The Thirteen Meeting of Coimbra JUG was about Databases and how to keep their Schema versioning and controlled. While not being directly related to Java, it’s very common for every Java developer to come across with a project that needs to use a Database. Usually developers worry about versioning the code, but nobody cares about the Database. Shouldn’t the database be treated the same was as the code, since it’s also a part of the application? For that reason, we think this is a good topic to have on our JUG.

To talk about this very challenging topic, we had the pleasure to host Nuno Alves. Nuno is a very experience DBA, with more than 10 years of experience with Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSQLServer and DB2. He is the right man to have on your team to deal with the Database stuff!

Coimbra JUG Meeting 13

The session itself covered ER modelling, versioning of SQL scripts, deployment and documentation. It also had a demo of a tool called Flyway to version and control scripts executions in different environments.

In the end, we would like to thank Praxis and Critical Software for sponsoring the event with the venue, food and drinks for everyone! Thank you very much for your support!

Here are the materials for the session:


Video (in Portuguese)