Tenth Coimbra JUG Meeting – Maven Introduction

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Last Wednesday, 4 November 2015, the tenth meeting of Coimbra JUG was held at the Department of Informatics Engineering of the University of Coimbra, in Portugal. The attendance was great. We had around 40 persons and a lot of them were on a Coimbra JUG meeting for the first time. We had the pleasure to listen Sérgio Ferreira talk about Maven. Sérgio is an old time member of Coimbra JUG and he volunteered to present the session for us for the first time. A big thanks to Sérgio! It’s not easy to do it.

Love it or hate it (and a lot of people seem to hate it), Maven is a widely used tool by 64% of Java developers (source – Java Tools and Technologies Landscape for 2014). Most experienced developers already got their share of Maven headaches. Usually in the hard way, banging with their head into a brick wall. Unfortunately, I feel that new developers are going through the same hard learning process. In a young JUG as ours, it makes perfect sense to have a dedicated session to Maven, since sooner or later everyone will have to use Maven.

Coimbra JUG Meeting 10

As always, we had surprises for the attendees. IntelliJ sponsored our event, by offering a free license to raffle among the attendees. Congratulations to A. Ventura and Ana Filipa for winning the license. Develop with pleasure! We also handed a few Tomitribe and ZeroTurnaround t-shirts.

Here are the materials for the session:

Also, we already have our 11th and 12th Meetings scheduled for 2 and 9 of December of 2015. These are going to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary and we are happy to have two international well know speakers: Heather VanCura and Christoph Engelbert. Please, check our Meetup website for more information.


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