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People that grow your legacy code

posted by Roberto Cortez on

Today, my second article The 5 people in your organization that grow legacy code was published on RebelLabs. When I was don’t writing it I wasn’t really sure if it could work, but now I’m happy with the end result. I hope that everyone enjoys reading it.

A special thanks to RebelLabs for letting me publish my work there and of course to Oliver White for all the support on writing and reviewing the article. You rock!

Second Coimbra JUG Meeting – New Java EE 7 Features

posted by Roberto Cortez on

Last Thursday, 13 February 2014, the second meeting of Coimbra JUG was held on the Department of Informatics Engineering of the University of Coimbra, in Portugal. The event was almost cancelled due to our main speaker not being able to attend, but thanks to the support of @arungupta, @reza_rahman, @brunoborges and many others from the JUG Leaders mailing list, I was able to pull out a presentation about the new features of Java EE 7. Thank you everyone!

About the event, since this was only our second meeting, we took a bit of time to get to know each other and talk about our expectations of the group itself. I had a surprise to “motivate” our fellow JUG members to participate: beer and chocolates. We had good feedback and for reference, the following topics where among the preferred to the next sessions:

  • Garbage Collection
  • Web Frameworks
  • Testing Strategies / Frameworks
  • Mixing JVM languages in the same project
  • Databases

For the people that attended, please let me know if I forgot about something.

Coimbra JUG Meeting 2

Next came the talk about Java EE 7. Not that many people have used Java EE before, so a lot of the terminology was new to them, but I tried my best to present the topic in a way that could be understood for the ones that were only starting with the technology and also keep it interesting for the most experienced people. Generally, I think people enjoyed it and I actually took more time with the presentation than I antecipated due to the interest and questions from the audience. Unfortunately, our camera couldn’t keep up and got it’s memory full, so we don’t have the complete presentation recorded. Need a higher memory card for the next event 🙂

Here are the materials:
Presentation (in Portuguese)
Code: Websockets Chat
Code: Java EE 7 Samples
Java EE 7 Samples Documentation
Youtube Channel (in Portuguese)