Eighth Coimbra JUG Meeting – Integration Testing with Arquillian

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Last Thursday, 16 April 2015, the eight meeting of Coimbra JUG was held at the Department of Informatics Engineering of the University of Coimbra, in Portugal. The attendance was not great, compared to the amount of people signed up for it, around 20 to almost 40 signed up, but still a worthy session. We had the pleasure to listen to Bruno Baptista talking about Integration Testing with Arquillian. A very special thanks to Bruno for taking the challenge and steer the session. He is also going to support the group and help me run it.

Anyway, all the audience recognized the importance of Integration Tests, but no one was implementing them. This is why I think these kind of sessions related to Testing are very important to create awareness in the community and professionals. It’s no secret that these practices produce a higher quality result, but for one reason or another, testing is sometimes an elusive task. Bruno explained the main benefits of Integration Testing, plus the major pain points in performing the test. By using a demo, Bruno demonstrated that Arquillian can alleviate much of the pain, by showing how to test a JPA and a REST application.

Coimbra JUG Meeting 8

As always, we had surprises for the attendees. IntelliJ sponsored our event, by offering a free license to raffle among the attendees. Congratulations to Miriam Lopes for winning the license. Develop with pleasure! We also offered the book Continuous Enterprise Development in Java courtesy of O’Reilly, congratulations to Victor Reina. We also handed a few ZeroTurnaround t-shirts.

Here are the materials for the session:


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