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Five Ways to Not Suck at Being a Java Freelancer at Geecon – Kraków 2014

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As promised, here is the video about my session at Geecon – Kraków 2014 about Five Ways to Not Suck at Being a Java Freelancer.

I think you can tell that I’m very nervous during the first few minutes, but I was able to calm down a bit afterwards. I do hate to hear me speak, since the voice I hear does not sound like mine. In fact, no one sounds like they hear and where is why. Anyway, I should stop with so many “eeehhhmm” and “so”. I have to improve that.

Here are the slides as well:

And my latest article about freelance: FAQ for Freelancers

Geecon Kraków 2014 – My first International Speaking Session

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During last week, the 6th edition of GeeCon took place in Kraków – Poland between 14 and 16 May of 2014. This was the first time that I have submitted proposals for speaking sessions and I was lucky enough to be accepted in one of my submissions! More about that later. Unfortunately, I only attended half of the conference, since I couldn’t join for day 1 and for the morning of day 2 which may turn this report a little inaccurate. Anyway here are my thoughts on some aspects of Geecon:


The Venue is a Movie Theatre with several rooms where all the sessions are held. This style of venue is awesome, since speakers have a big screen and attendees are confortably seated with a perfect view to the screen and the presenter. On a down side, the common halls and the corridors were small for so many people and the sponsors booths.

Geecon Venue


As I said before, Geecon gave me the chance to speak for the first time outside Portugal, so a big thanks for the organisation for picking up one of my sessions. I had a lightning session (15 minutes), named “Five ways to Not Suck at Being a Java Freelancer”, based on my article with the same name that I wrote a couple of months ago. This was by far the best session of the conference (just kidding)! Anyway, I had a good attendance, probably half of the room. I was a little bit nervous, but after I started all of that went away and I think I was able to deliver a good presentation. Attendees seemed to be really into it, and a lot of question were asked at the end. The feedback that I had was overwhelming! A cool thing is that the session was taped, so I will be able to review it and share it when it’s released. For the moment, only the slides are available.

Geecon Freelancer Session

Since I have missed the first half of the conference, I’m unable to comment on any session scheduled during that period, but I was able to attend a very good session by Sandro Mancuso about Crafted Design and how to organize the code in a different way. I recommend to check it out.


The community was great! It was awesome to hang out with some familiar faces from the past, but also to hang out with new friends. A special thanks again for the Geecon organisation, specially to Adrian Nowak for taking me and a few other guys to a city tour around Kraków.

In no particular order, a special thanks for the following people that made my conference well worth it:

And many others…

Final words

This was my first time at Geecon and I would definitely like to return next year. I’m not sure if that is possible, since there are so many conference during the year that I would like to attend and is not possible for me to go for all of them. Anyway, I recommend to try Geecon!