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Jfokus 2015 and Voxxed Days Vienna

posted by Roberto Cortez on

I kicked off my conference year by attending during the last week Jfokus 2015 and the first edition ever of Voxxed Days held in Vienna. I was scheduled as a speaker for both conferences with my sessions about Java EE 7 Batch Processing in the Real World and The 5 People in your Organization that grow Legacy Code.


Jfokus LogoThis was Jfokus 9th edition, so we can expect a great celebration next year for the 10th anniversary edition. We are still one year away, but I already scheduled it in my calendar! The conference was 3 days long, with the first day dedicated to Tutorials and the next couple of days to conference sessions. The numbers are impressive. It had over 1700 attendees, making it one of the largest Java conferences in Europe.


Docker had been a hot topic over the last year. So, naturally we had a few sessions dedicated to Docker. I do recommend checking out the Docker Workshop from Ken Sipe. You can find it here. It also includes how to scale Docker using Apache Mesos. Apache Mesos is a distributed system kernel that abstracts CPU, memory, storage, and other resources away from machines so you can program against your datacenter like it’s a single pool of resources. Unfortunately, I think this tutorial session was not recorded. Only a few rooms had their sessions recorded.

These are my top 3 sessions (from the ones I have attended):

My Session

I had my session about Java EE Batch Processing in the Real World as a Lightning Talk. It was a bit hard to do it in only 15 minutes, since the session was originally planed for a full conference session of 50 minutes. Anyway, I was able to demo everything I wanted.

I also had the privilege to be a guest to the Live Nighthacking stream with Stephen Chin, where I talk about Java EE Batch in much more detail. Check it out:

And here are some slides. I didn’t use them all the Lighting session, since they are from my full session.

Jfokus Demogrounds

Voxxed Days Vienna

Voxxed Vienna LogoA new brand of smaller conferences was launched as Voxxed Days. These are one day tech events organised by local community groups and supported by the Voxxed and Devoxx team. I was happy enough to be part of the first edition ever and to be a speaker of course! We got the usual cinema like venue, which is to be expected from the Devoxx brand. There were probably around 200 attendees, or maybe a little more.


Since this was a one day only conference, there were not many sessions, but we had 4 full tracks worth of content to choose from. I recommend to check out Monadic Java by Mario Fusco with a very good way to explain Monads in Java to newbies. Also, Coding Culture by Sven Peters is a must. You will hear real life stories about how Atlassian evolved as a company and how they create awesome stuff. These sessions were recorded and should be available on Parleys very soon.

My Session

I had the session about The 5 People in your Organization that grow Legacy Code. I have presented the same session for the first time in Java One and the recording was released a few days before I delivered the session in Vienna. This was great, since it gave the change to check some of the mistakes I made and correct a few things. This one was also recorded. Let’s see if I improved a little bit. Thank you to Sven Peters, which provided me with a few pointers to improve my presentation stance.

Anyway, here is the full video (from JavaOne):

Final Words

It was an awesome week, but also very consuming. I was very tired at the end, but it was great to hook up with old friends. Thanks to Mattias Karlsson and Grzegorz Duda for having me in Jfokus 2015 and Voxxed Days Vienna.

I als have to mention Paulo Grácio. We worked together for 6 years and he was a mentor to me in the early stages of my career. Paulo is now working in Stockholm and we are far from each other, but I’m looking forward to work together again. Thanks for the hospitality!

Roberto and Paulo